We are expert in Instrumentation, Electrical and Mechanical maintenance of process plant i.e. Flow Station, production platform, drilling Rig, Gas plant and manufacturing Industry for effective and smooth operation of the plant. Our trained and experienced Engineers, technicians who are proactive in carrying out preventive maintenance and close monitoring of our client’s equipment and instruments are available, to avoid production interruption and emergency shutdown of plant.


We are into upgrade and modifying projects for Flow Stations, Gas plant, production platform, process plants, drilling Rigs and manufacturing Industries with model facilities and equipment required by our Client, to meet the design and demand of our customers to enable them meet the trend of the model Technology in Oil and Gas, Construction and production Industries, with aid of our Engineers and Technologists.


We carry out Construction Project of different categories from designing, Fabrication, Installation and commissioning of our Clients projects; we are specialists in pipeline projects and installation of all types of joints with the aid of our Welders, Fitters and Construction Engineers.


We are experts in Electrical/Electronics Projects in oil location and production platform i.e. Installation and maintenance of control room instrument, electronics panel and controller that receive signal from the field instruments, like Electronics Pressure Transmitter, Solenoid Valves Controllers, Pressure Switches, and model Elect/Elect instrument in the oil industry/ Factories with the aid of our Engineers and Technicians who are well trained in the job.


We are experts in surface conduit under water electrical works such as wiring of platform, flow station House Boat and Electrical Power Generating set for constant Electric Power supply in the Oil and Gas Industry/ Factories in the area of maintenance, we are perfect in Trouble shooting and restore power in your plants, for optimum power supply.


We service and re-kit all type of valves for effective and optimum performance in their various place of installation to avoid malfunctioning, process interruption and emergency shut down of your plant i.e. Fisher Control Valves, Masoneilan Control and Pressure Safety Valves (PS) of different sizes.


We service and re-kit all types of Pump to meet the demand of production in the Oil Industry, i.e. double Diaphragm pump to meet accurate pump delivery and the volume required in your plant; Text steam Chemical Injection Pumps, Wielding Pumps, Side Winder Pumps, Consolidated pneumatic Pump (CP), Hydraulic Hand Pumps, Sprague Pump, Haskell and sand Pipe Pumps for desanding of Oil Storage Tanks and Vessels and positive Displacement pump (PD METER), Oil Gear Meter, flow Meter, Halliburton flow analyzer and other high pressure pumps.


We are experts in Mechanical hook-up of Oil Pipeline after construction and Hydro Testing to their various flow station and oil location with the aid of our Mechanical Engineers who are well trained and experienced in the field.


We calibrate and certify high pressure control valves to their specified pressure range, i.e. pressure safety valves(PS) Pressure Controllers, Pressure Switches, Transmitters and Electronics Level and Flow Switches of different make i.e. Rosemount, Vokogawa, Foxboro, Masoneilan liquid Levels Switch, Masoneilan Flow Switch and Fisher Level Switch, etc. we calibrate pressure recorders of different ranges and make, i.e. ITT Barton Recorder; we also calibrate Pressure Gauge of different range. We are experts in all flow meters calibration to accurate pump delivery i.e. A.O Smith Meter, Oil Gear Meter, IT T Flow CO Meter etc.


We pressure test and certify automatic, electro-pneumatic and Manual Valves of different sizes before installation, to the test and working pressure for standard and safety purposes i.e. Ball Valves, Control Valves, Gate Valves, Pressure control and shut down valves.


We have proven track records in metering proving/certification of flow meter as well as configuration of control system in oil and gas industry to meet our client’s satisfaction in accordance with best practices.