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THELMA OIL NIGERIA LIMITED renders quality services in the area of Instrumentation, Electrical, Mechanical, Construction, Measurement and Pipeline Project, to the oil and gas industry with the aid of our trained and experience engineers and technicians who has in-depth knowledge in project management from the start up to the commissioning.
Our equipment startup services, ensure that newly installed equipments and systems in your plant, meet the intended design and operational needs properly done.

Commissioning pays dividends in the form of decreased rework fewer change orders, lower operational cost and lower maintenance cost. After startup, we provide baseline measurement of predictive technologies along with any necessary database setup to meet your needs; we go the extra step to ensure the long term reliability of your plant.
The scope of equipment startup services includes Installation, startup Commissioning, acceptance test, performance baseline, code Compliance evaluation and others. As startup services relate to electric equipments, our Engineers design overall Commissioning plans to provide full documentation of integrity of the Electrical and Mechanical equipment as well as verifying all system and sub-system, Instruments and Valves services can help you launch on time and with Instruments and Valves that are installed properly and correctly calibrated.

We make sure all Construction and Design of your project is properly studied and interpreted to ensure accurate measurement and fitting, with the aid of our Engineers who are trained in Construction project and design before it is handed over to the project Manager for the execution of our Client’s project. Before any equipment is installed, we carry out all the necessary factional and integrity test with our model and certified test equipment to make sure only confirmed and certified equipment are installed in your plant for Optimum performance.

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